5 Tips to Help You Save Money When Owning Your Own Home

When owning a home, you have many obligations to be fulfilled to make sure you have a top-quality ho

usehold. One of these is looking after those horrible smelly things in the garden called our drains! Drains are responsible for carrying our wastewater from washing machines, toilets, washbasins and our roofs through to the main sewer line where it then begins a process.

We see lots of blockages every day that could be prevented through a little DIY Maintenance and common sense, here are 5 tips on how to prevent a blockage and potentially save yourselves ££££’s in the future.

Tip Number 1 – Flushing Your Toilet

Never flush anything down the toilet other than products that are meant to be flushed, this is an easy one but believe me when I say, paper towels, baby wipes, barbie dolls and hairbrushes should not be flushed down the toilet and ultimately will have the potential to put a large hole in your pockets!

Tip Number 2 - Waste Disposal

Dispose of cooking oils, coffee granules appropriately and responsibly, these are mega players in clogged drains along with soap scum and my pet hate, hair! Cooking oils and things such as coffee granules should be disposed of in a waste bag, tied and thrown in the waste bins, washbasins and shower plugs should have a screening to catch the hair positioned over the plug hole and their hair and other debris left in the screening should be removed and disposed of accordingly.

Tip Number 3 - Flush Drains

Flush your drains with boiling water every couple of days to break up the debris often and flush it away reducing the chance of a build-up and preventing bad odours from coming through the plug holes.

Tip Number 4 - Plunge

The Mighty Plunger! Plungers are a great tool for unblocking those poor performing drains and can also remove small blockages, Regular plunging can help to keep the drains moving smoothly and can help to prevent future blockages.

Tip Number 5 - Call Drains & Mains

Visit our Contact Us page to reach one of the team members at Drains & Mains. We can arrange a Free Drain Health Check and Drain report using our specialist Scan-Pro CCTV Drainage camera equipment on 03332 420848 or email us at and we will get back to you asap. Drainage specialists that you can rely on with a proactive approach and a can-do attitude!